2015 Jaguar XF Riverside Ca

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2015 Jaguar XF - An Amazing Line That Offers You All The Power, Beauty and Luxury a Car Can Offer

The XF has been among Jaguar's best sellers ever since it was first launched in 2007, and the new 2015 Jaguar XF will surely continue the tradition. The new lineup has two more versions compared to the old one and it surely makes the most of the extraordinary features of the original XF concept. XF models are also the result of Jaguar creativity at its best - they boast a lot of new traits as well, such as the new engines, the enlarged space and the new, state-of-the-art infotainment system - making the line an exciting player on the German-dominated sedan market.


2015 Jaguar XF Trim Versions and Their Features

The 2015 XF comes in 8 different body versions - the 2.0 base model, the 3.0 Portfolio in two variants, RWD and AWD, the 3.0 Sport, in RWD and AWD as well, and the 5.0 XFR and XFR-S.The bodies of each of the XF models have been created with more resilience and higher performance in mind. The material they are made of is 75% aluminum, which makes them not only much stronger, but considerably lighter as well.

Engine Performance and Consumption Levels

The level of equipment and performance parameters differ from one trim to the other, but the entire line manages to stay at the top of its category. The base variant is equipped with a 4-cylinder turbo engine and 18-inch wheels, both features being moved one step up with the 3.0 Portfolio version that features a supercharged V6 engine and comes with 20-inch wheels. The XF 5.0 is powered by a V8 engine and comes with extraordinary features dedicated to the sporty driver such as adaptive suspensions and a sporty differential.In terms of engine performance, we see the same gradual evolution. The base model puts out  240hp and you get 100hp with step upwards on the XF ladder, till you reach the top, the 550hp of the XFR-S that is able to reach 60mph in around 4 seconds.The 2015 Jaguar XF range is surprisingly economical, and the creators have also paid attention to environment protection when they conceived these extraordinary engines. The base version comes with a fuel efficiency rating of 23 mpg combined, 3.0 liter versions offer even less, 22 mpg while the 5.0 engines run18 mpg.

Safety Features Riverside CA Owners Will Appreciate

The XF lineup comprises powerful cars, but they are all equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. Airbags in the front and on the sides, antilock brakes, traction and stability control are all part of the base level of equipment and all models deliver superior braking features as well.

Cabin and Trunk Features

2015 Jaguar XF models offer a 17.7 cu.ft. cargo capacity and a cabin that is large and fitted with lots of comfort features such as the 770W Meridian Sound System, the InControl apps and the integrated GPS navigation, to mention just a few.
Bottom Line for all 2015 Jaguar XF shoppers in Riverside, CA
If you are looking for a luxury sedan that delivers performances worthy of sports cars without cutting corners when it comes to comfort, come to Alvarez Lincoln Jaguar in Riverside CA and try one of the 2015 Jaguar XF models - you will fall in love with the beauty, elegance and power these astonishing cars can offer!